Authentic stone veneer products

authenticity is hard to find in life, and especially in construction materials.

Stone can provide a stunning and highly resilient finish to any project.
Stone products are ideal for commercial and residential projects of every size and design. 
The challenge when incorporating stone products into a design is that natural stone is heavy, and at first glance, can be considered expensive.
Creating an authentic, durable stone finish that is lightweight and cost-effective has always been a challenge for architects, engineers, and designers. Not anymore.
Our Tuscan Stoneworx CNC Manufacturing Technology enables our design team to create authentic stone veneer products that are lightweight, durable, and cost-effective.
Our product’s authenticity is visible in the textural design options, including honed, sandstone, travertine, and antique. Giving our designers a texture for every concept, and with 28 color options, a look to compliment every concept! Click here to see the full range of Color Options & Textures.

Tuscan Stoneworx Edmonton Calgary Alberta Authentic Stone

With a minimum of a half-inch wear layer supported by a solid EPS core, this natural limestone casting material results in a highly durable wear surface that weighs up to 70% less than full cast or solid stone alternatives. 

Due to all Tuscan Stoneworx product’s lightweight engineered design, the installation process is similar to traditional stone and brick installation. Mortar is used to adhere the product in position for horizontal installation, similarly for vertical applications with the addition of wire tiebacks or batons, both of which can be removed once the motor has set. 
For specialist installations or uniquely engineered details, various lightweight mechanical fixing and tie options are available.

Tuscan Stoneworx Edmonton lightweight commercial and residential cast stone products.
Tuscan Stoneworx Edmonton lightweight commercial and residential limestone products.
Tuscan Stoneworx Edmonton lightweight commercial and residential limestone façade
Tuscan Stoneworx Canada Lightweight EPS foam Stone installation Edmonton Alberta

Alternative materials on the market that look like authentic stone veneer products lack durability and only appear to be authentic stone from a distance. 

Like all-natural materials, authentic stone veneer products cannot be artificially manufactured, and any trained professional or craftsman can recognize the difference. 


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For more information regarding Tuscan Stoneworx authentic stone veneer products, specifications, and details, check out our Product Specifications Page. Alternatively, if you are interested in seeing more about our Commercial offerings, take a look at our Commercial Page. Similarly, our Residential offerings are located on our Residential page. The link below has a downloadable document which gives an excellent overview of our Tuscan Stoneworx products:

Tuscan Stoneworx Overview

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