Stone Fireplace Surrounds

Stone Fireplace Surrounds

Stone Fireplace Surrounds 


The right Fireplace can hold the prestigious title of the focal point of your living space. Stone Fireplace Surrounds hold the prestigious title of being the best fireplace surround products on the market, and bespoke handcrafted stone fireplace surrounds lead this category.

The combination of authentic cast limestone materials, CNC Design Technology, and European Craftsmanship are what enable our team to create beautiful bespoke stone fire surrounds so any environment or space.

With four authentic limestone texture finishes, twenty-eight color variations, and CNC design technology, the only restrictions on the design of your stone fireplace is your imagination.

Tuscan Stoneworx Edmonton Alberta Stone Fireplace Surrounds


Our Honed Texture creates a smooth finish, which when complemented with sharp lines, and edges works beautifully with a modern interior design look.

In contrast, our Antique Texture brings an ‘out with the new and in with the old’ feeling. The handcrafted texture of this design, combined with the right complementary profile, is timeless.

Sandstone Texture with the right color combination, lines, and profile will work in any setting. The right sandstone design can complement modern, traditional, or classic décor.

Travertine Textures are in a class of their own. Travertine is a very distinct texture, and when complemented with the right decor, profile, and design, the finish can be breathtaking. 

Our bespoke fire surrounds can be designed to accommodate all types of firebox units, wood-burning, electric, or gas. Similarly, each design can be modified to allow for the heat output from the unit. 

Tuscan Stoneworx Fire Place Designs Edmonton Alberta

Due to our EPS & CNC Technology use, our bespoke stone fireplaces do not need to be full cast limestone. Providing significant cost savings in multiple areas ranging from production costs to shipping.

For more information regarding Tuscan Stoneworx Stone Fireplace Surrounds, specifications, and details, check out our Residential Stone Page. Alternatively, if you are interested in visual examples of completed fireplace installations, take a look at our Gallery. Alternatively, you can check out the link below and download our Stone Fireplace Brochure, or if you would like to know more about our company ethos and team, download the Tuscan Stoneworx Company Overview:

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If you would prefer to chat with a member of our team, please contact:

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Business Support Manager

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