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Our creative headquarters and crafting facility is based out of our Edmonton, Alberta. Due to the lightweight nature of Tuscan Stoneworx designs, up to 70% lighter than traditional full cast products, our supply and install projects span across Western Canada. 



We are blessed to have highly experienced craftsmen and leaders from historic European nations like Germany, Great Britain & Italy, working side by side with our Canadian team at all levels of our organization. Team Tuscan’s dynamic work ethic, experience, and commitment to creativity are unparalleled.


Tuscan Stoneworx Canada Lightweight bespoke hand crafted stone work
Tuscan Stonewrox Canada Commercial Stone Entrance Edmonton Alberta

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Jan Herwig Founder President Tuscan Stoneworx Canada

Jan Herwig

Founder | President​

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For over two decades spanning across three continents, Jan Herwig has worked with architectural finishes, materials, and products ranging from plaster to limestone casting. Jan's proud German heritage served as his foundation for architectural and construction based excellence. German trade schooling and German tradesman are renowned internationally for their skill, ingenuity, and attention to detail, and Jan is no exception to this rule.
Yasmin Rizvi

Yasmin Rizvi

Director of Sales and Service

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Yasmin's, naturally warm and welcoming personality shines when she is around people. Yasmin's, role as a Business Support Manager is as diverse as her personality. Yasmin's, international working career spans from North America to India, and her people focused holistic values have always remained consistent. With over 14 years of experience in sales, team leadership, and marketing she will be sure to bring success to our business partners, clients and the Tuscan team.


Special Project Leader

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Ruslan is an out-of-the-box thinker and the brains behind our special projects. Nothing is too complicated for him. We are excited to see what more he can bring to the table!

Excellent service! Our custom fireplace came out beautiful! The team was very professional and efficient! I highly recommend Tuscan Stoneworx

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