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Antique Fireplace Surrounds by Tuscan Stoneworx Edmonton & Calgary Alberta

Antique Fireplace Surrounds. Antique and traditional design concepts and styles are distinctive.  Creating a historic or seasoned look in a newly produced product can be challenging. In other words crafting textures, colors, and design profiles to make this creative endeavor come to life is a work of art. For instance fireplaces are blessed with the prestigious responsibility of being the focal point of any living space.  Similarly fire Surrounds have the ideal positioning necessary to set the tone for the entire living area. Therefore if you want to create that antique look within your home, utilizing a stone antique fireplace surround design is the best ways to accentuate that feel. Above all our blend of authentic cast limestone materials, CNC Design Technology, and handcrafted finishes enable our team to consistently create bespoke antique texture stone fire surround. Texture Tells Similarly with four authentic limestone texture finishes, twenty-eight color variations, and…

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Lightweight Stone Façade Details by Tuscan Stoneworx Edmonton

Lightweight Stone Façade Details Reducing the overall weight of a structure while maintaining its durability, sustainability, and aesthetics is a challenge. A challenge that Tuscan Stoneworx took on and conquered with its lightweight stone façade details! The combination of the highly experienced Tuscan Stoneworx Canada European management team, combined with the support from the Tuscan US team and its in-house Canadian Design team, means there is enough creative horsepower and experience to create solutions for any commercial or residential project.   Examples of typical engineered designs and details of the majority of our limestone cast stone façade products are shown below. However, note that we regularly work with clients, designers, architects, and engineers to develop custom profiles and solutions: Light core is the new hardcore A typical design consists of a half-inch of cast material exterior, with an EPS core. The half-inch cast exterior is sufficient to provide a highly durable exterior…

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