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Tuscan Fireplaces

Home is where the hearth is

The right Tuscan stone fireplace design can elevate any living space. 

As the focal point of the primary living, relaxing, and entertaining space in a house, your fire surround makes a bold yet elegant statement about that place you call home.

a matter of style

Our style is as unique as our personality, and our personality is as unique as our style. In other words our style speaks so that we don’t have to; it accentuates what we find beautiful, strong, or elegant without ever saying a word.

Bring your vision to life

Your home, your design, our craftsmanship.

Therefore no matter the size, profile, or details you envision, we have the experience, skill, and creativity to craft it into reality. 

Similarly, with four authentic cast limestone textures, twenty-eight color variations, and endless design options, we will help you bring your vision to life.

Our designs are featured in homes across, Edmonton & Calgary, Alberta, and Western Canada.

Designer Fireplaces

Your Home, Your Vibe

You are unique, and so is your home. Consequently, creating a vibe in your home that personifies who you are can be challenging, but not when you bring the focal point of your entire living space into the fold.

Your Home, Your Design

Therefore with four primary textures, twenty-eight primary core color variations, plus the combination of CNC technology and Artistic Sculpturing. Above all the only limit to the creativity of your design concept is your imagination. 

Forget the Rules

For instance the majority of fireplace designs focus on one primary texture or genre. 

In other words designer fireplaces need not conform to these limiting  boundaries. Therefore your designer fireplace can integrate both modern and traditional lines or antique finishes and contemporary profiles. 

Traditional Fireplaces


Certain looks, designs, profiles, and textures are ageless.

Moreover these immortal designs can integrate into any home seamlessly. Likewise the smooth lines, sharp edges, or rounded profiles, it doesn’t matter. Similarly a quality traditional design is at home in any environment.

Complimentary Character

Our traditional fireplace concepts can be designed to complement the overall look of your living space. For instance we can work with your existing designer to develop profiles and features that not only match but complement the aesthetics of your home.

Contrasting Qualities

For instance we can create contrasting textures, profiles, and finishes, including Antique, Honed, Sandstone, and Travertine textures, to accentuate the feel of your living space.

Modern Fireplaces

Contemporary Clarity

If you love modern designs and want a contemporary vibe in your home, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you like smooth features or bold features, our design team can work with you to daft up the perfect modern fireplace design for your living space.

Black, White & Smooth

Despite our vast twenty-eight color options and four core textured choices. There is still a trend towards people who feel the pull of modern designs, to be drawn to black or white smooth finished concepts.

Above all we dare you to consider broadening your contemporary color and texture spectrum!

Modern Technology

In conclusion our CNC Technology and casting systems love a good creative contemporary challenge. 

Victorian Fireplaces

Long May She Reign

Queen Victoria’s reign may be long over. However, the aesthetic designs she ushered in during her time on the throne are not. 

Majestic Magic

The beautiful ornate and detailed designs that Victorian fireplaces are famous for can be created through artistic creativity and modern technology.

Unique ornate details and features created through hand sculptured artistry. In addition, sweeping lines and profiles produced by digital CNC technology create breathtaking combinations.

A Royal Texture

Our Victorian fire surrounds can be crafted to incorporate a smooth honed finish, medieval sandstone finish or a classic Antique finished texture. Similarly depending upon the level of the ornate detail, we can also integrate a standout travertine texture. 

With twenty-eight color options at your disposal, there isn’t a style, look, or feel your majesty cannot conquer.

LED Fireplace Designs

Let there be light

One sleek and stylish way to highlight your bespoke fireplace’s stunning features is to incorporated LED lighting.

Feel Enlightened

The technology required to incorporate modern LED lighting into your fire surround design is a recent development. 

Enriching your design with LED illumination will make both you and your Fire surround glow. 

Radiant living

The combination of a glowing fireplace, and a featured LED lighting design provides the ultimate relaxing ambiance. 

Antique Fireplaces

Out with the new

Your home might be new, and your furniture might be new, but that doesn’t mean your new fireplace can’t look like an antique.

Aged Character

There is something special buried in that antique ‘Built to Last’ look, and our Tuscan Stoneworx craftsmen love to create that look by handcrafting our Fire surrounds.

Rekindling that look from the ‘good old days.’

Antique meets Modern

Thanks to our CNC technology, and European craftsmanship, it’s now possible to combine the Antique textured design with modern lines, profiles, and color combinations. 

Similarly, antique no longer needs to be white or concrete grey! With twenty-eight color options to choose from, you have everything you need to spice up your Antique pallet. 

Travertine Fire Surrounds

uniquely possible

Travertine has one of the most unique natural textures. So unique that it is challenging to recreate. 

Difficult, but not impossible. For instance our highly experienced craftsmen know the age-old European skill of Travertine reincarnation.

Textured Statement

A travertine fire surround makes a statement. A bespoke statement that cannot be matched by any other texture or finish.

Travertine is in a class of its own, and it can fit seamlessly into any aesthetical design. Therefore it can single-handedly claim the focal point of any space. It’s that bold.

Old School

Due to the complex and varied nature of a Travertine texture, modern technology cannot help in its creation. In other words all pieces must be crafted by hand.

Fireplace Mantels

Flying Solo

Preferences for a flush finish around a firebox are popular in small condos and some basement developments.

In design concepts like these, floating Mantels are often incorporated. 

Home Sweet home

One of the primary reasons floating mantels are integrated within fireplace designs is creating that homely feeling.

Family pictures, Art, Candles, and other interior dressings naturally focus around the centerpiece of the living space, the fireplace.

Don't keep it simple

Just because there is no fireplace surround to complement the mantel doesn’t mean the design should be simplified.

Through our CNC technology, we can design mantel that compliments any interior look and feel.

Our four core textures, combined with our twenty-eight color options, can accentuate whatever design you’re drawn to.


Fireplace Hearths

Home is where the hearth is

No fireplace design is complete without a stone hearth. 

A hearth puts the finishing touch on a fire surround, bringing all of the other beautiful components together.  

Decorative Durability

A fireplace hearth brings the element of durability to any fire surround, but especially a wood-burning design.

Similarly, the hearth also allows for additional decorative features to be displayed upon it, adding o the homely feeling we all love.  

No surround, no problem

Like their elevated Mantel relations, a hearth can also be installed without any other accompanying fire surround components.

A cast stone hearth positioned below a firebox set flush into a wall will still deliver that ‘Wow’ effect.


As a certified Tuscan Stoneworx cast shop Tuscan Stoneworx Canada utilizes Tuscan Cast Stone Mix and casting systems exclusively, and is backed by Tuscan’s protocols, industry-leading testing, and architectural specifications. 

Our head office is located in Edmonton Alberta, and Calgary is our primary secondary market.

Limestone is one of mankind’s oldest building materials. Because Tuscans Stoneworx products are made using real limestone, our pieces look, feel, and age like natural stone. A handcrafted finishing process for every piece creates a highly authentic appearance normally only found with natural carved limestone

The strength of Tuscan Cast Stone Mix allows it to be cast a 1/2″ thick with a foam core, depending on the size of the part that can result in pieces that are up to 70% lighter than traditional cast stone or pre-cast concrete. The lighter weight translates into money savings through lighter building design, shipping and handling, and installation.

Tuscan Stoneworx architectural elements are built to look great for decades, by combining innovative materials with time-tested manufacturing procedures.

With our advanced materials and strict quality control program, we can confidently create the same profiles, colors, and finishes time and again.

With 28 standard colors to choose from and unlimited custom color options, as well as four handcrafted finishes, Tuscan Stoneworx can create a design for every application.

Because our Tuscan Stoneworx products are so much stronger, lighter, and more versatile than traditional cast stone or pre-cast concrete, it’s much easier to work with and install. Massive weight savings allow our parts to be adhesively adhered instead of mechanically fastened. This allows jobs to be installed faster, with less equipment and reduced penetrations in the substrate.

All Tuscan Stoneworx Products are subject to the same material warranty provided by Tuscan Stoneworx US. Installation warranties are typically 1 year, however they can be extended depending the nature of the project. 

Edmonton is home to our Canadian Head Office, and Calgary Alberta is our secondary market.

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