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Tuscan Limestone Coatings

Tuscan Stone and Tuscan Plaster are hand-applied, limestone-based coatings that can be applied on flat or contoured surfaces, indoors or out. The simplicity of Tuscan Stoneworx Hand Applied Coatings is how easy they are to use. By simply adding color and water, you can provide architects and designers with a new level of durability, performance, and natural beauty in an elegant architectural stone finish. With 32 different colors available, from warm earth tones to bright focal colors, there’s a Tuscan Tint for every application.plaster used to attain a smooth, elegant finish that can also be lightly textured.

Tuscan Stoneworx coatings look and act like real stone because they are made from real stone.


Tuscan Caststone

Great For Use With Fireplace Surrounds, Columns, Custom Profiles, Moldings, Surrounds & Sills; Wall Caps

Tuscan Cast Stone Mix brings new possibilities to architectural cast stone. Our unique formula uses the highest-quality limestone—rather than gravel—to create a more natural look with richer, more accurate colors. New proprietary technology gives our optimized cast stone mix incredible strengths — over 7,000psi compressive and 1,600psi flexural. This strength allows our product to be cast a 1/2″ thick over a foam core; resulting in less material, lighter weight, and easier installation. A strict quality-control program ensures our bags are consistent in color, weight, and material. Tuscan StoneworxTM is ready to help bring your most ambitious projects to life with a cast stone mix that can meet the requirements of any profile or design.

Envision Concrete Countertops

Envision Concrete Countertop Kits include everything needed to create 4sf of 2″ thick custom countertop with a 1″ foam core. The kits feature 2-25lb bags of Envision Concrete Countertop Mix, 8 different bags of color, Envision Filler, Envision Sealer, re-enforcing mesh, and a burnishing pad. The Envision System takes the guesswork and experimenting out of creating a custom concrete countertop by offering detailed instructions and a step-by-step DVD.

Tuscan Accessories

A full line of accessories for any Tuscan StoneWorx project. With a large color pallet to choose from, Tuscan Color Wash is perfect for staining, shading, or creating frescos on large walls, feature areas, or dramatic display backdrops. Tuscan Grout is perfect for filling mortar joints where movement, transitions, or a textured finish is desired. For long lasting protection, use Tuscan Sealer as the final touch to your project.

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