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Stone Fireplace Mantel Designs by Tuscan Stoneworx Edmonton & Calgary

Stone Fireplace mantel Designs. There’s something about a stone fireplace mantel Designs that feel right! There are so many fireplace building material options available to homeowners, wood, ceramic, metal, man-made materials, but stone is still king.¬†However, only stone fireplace mantel designs are versatile enough to be authentic, modern, chic, classic, or bold in design. For instance, the combination of different textured finishing options, broad color options, and durability is why stone cannot be matched. Above all, our fireplace holds the prestigious title of being the focal point of our living space. It sets the tone for the entire living area. Similarly, the blend of authentic cast limestone materials, CNC Design Technology, and handcrafted finishes enable our team to create bespoke stone fireplace mantels. Above all, our design team can create mantels that encapsulate the entire fireplace, or free-standing mantels, and they can be as detailed, ornate, or modern as you…

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