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Travertine Stone Fireplace Edmonton Alberta by Tuscan Stoneworx

Travertine Stone Fireplace What is Travertine? The word ‘travertine’ is derived from the Italian travertino, which is actually derivation from the Latin word tiburtinus ‘of Tibur.’ Its namesake is also the origin of Tivoli, which is a district near Rome. Naturally, Travertine is one of the most popular building materials across Italy. It is known for its stunning and unique texture.  Travertine in its natural environment comes from limestone deposited through mineral springs, typically hot springs, and it has a very special appearance, a combination of aged rock, natural stone veins, or even a fibrous look formed when certain minerals are dissolved by groundwater.  Another cool fact about Travertine is that across Europe, in counties like Croatia, Italy, and Turkey, Travertine forms natural lakes and dams across the landscape.   No other natural stone product has the same texture level or can deliver the same caliber of finish. Its weathered look characterizes the classic,…

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