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Details make the difference

The hospitality industry is home to some of the most vibrant, warm, and stunning aesthetics in the world. 

Our designs, textures, and complementary color finishes enable us to craft lightweight stone cast elements to complement any look. From modern profiles to classic features, our CNC Machine Design Technology can be leveraged to put the finishing touch on your project. 


Lightweight durability

Stone is synonymous with strength and durability. However, thanks to our EPS molded technology, stone is no longer synonymous with weight. Our Products are up to 70% lighter than standard full-cast products while still achieving 25MPa strength.  


The warmth of the reception staff and concierge in any hospitality environment is crucial however, so is the warmth of the environment is also. 

The increased R-Value achieved through incorporating EPS technology in Tuscan Stoneworx products significantly increased the warm ambience of every lobby. 


A grand Entrance

We all know the city skyline gets all of the glory, but it’s the street level curb appeal that truly makes the impact, which  starts with the entrance.

Bold, beautiful, classic, or modern entrances make a statement. Our commercial profiles, designs, and features can complement or accentuate the entrance of any building. 

Lighten the load

Modern commercial construction must be durable. Prior to technological advancements, durability came at the cost of increased density, and increased density came at the cost of increased structural loading… Not any more.

Tuscan Stoneworx products are up to 70% lighter than alternative full cast products while still achieving a 25MPa strength, and most designs can be installed without mechanical fixings. 

The combination of these product features results in significant cost savings in the structural design of a commercial project. 

mix it up

With four primary textures, 28 color options, and unlimited design & profile options, and CNC Machine Technology, we’ve got you covered.


detail therapy

The retail industry understands the value in the finer details. 

In the ultra competitive world of the retail world, the ability to attract the right clientele into your store is essential. 

Our range of lightweight stone designs, features, and profiles can bring any façade and entrance to life.

Personal Preference

Independent retail stores, outlets malls, and traditional shopping malls are designed and structured to cater to different types of consumers.

The aesthetics of these stores within these locations are also designed to attract a specific type of consumer. Our Tuscan Stoneworx textures, profiles, and colors are designed to accentuate these aesthetics.

A Technical advantage

Our CNC Manufacturing Technology enables our design team to create bespoke lightweight stone façade features,  ranging from columns to ornate decorative elements.

In a retail industry filled with imitation, choose handcrafted creation.


our heritage

Buildings are symbolic of our history, and our heritage. 

Like all things, buildings are subject to wear and tear, decay, and deterioration over time. Between general use and the daily changes between the elements, the exterior all materials break down.

Maintaining the original look and feel of a historic building is essential in maintaining its heritage.


Technology & Traditional

Historic buildings are filled with character. 

That character is often displayed in the form of ornate elements, detailed features, and elegant profiles. Restoring such components can be challenging.

Incredibly intricate ornate designs can be crafted using the traditional method of creating an artistic mold by hand. Alternatively, if the components are detailed but not excessively elaborate, CNC Manufacturing Technology can be utilized.

match maker

The final challenge is stonework restoration is matching the texture of the element. Our antique, sandstone, and travertine textures were explicitly designed to overcome this problem. 

With 28 color options available, plus blended variations possible, color matching of existing finished is achievable.

get detailed

take their word for it

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