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Fireplace Surrounds

Home is where the hearth is

The right fireplace design can elevate any living space. 

As the focal point of the primary living, relaxing, and entertaining space in a house, your fire surround makes a bold yet elegant statement about that place you call home.

a matter of style

Our style is as unique as our personality, and our personality is as unique as our style. Our style speaks so that we don’t have to; it accentuates what we find beautiful, strong, or elegant without ever saying a word.

Bring your vision to life

Your home, your design, our craftsmanship.

No matter the size, profile, or details you envision, we have the experience, skill and creativity to craft it into reality.  With four core textures, twenty-eight color variations, and endless design options, we will help you bring your vision to life.

Architectural Elements


Creating a unique one of a kind design is what architects live for. Crafting those designs into reality is what we live for. We have crafted residential stone architectural elements of all shapes, designs, and profiles, large and small.

Inside & Out

We have crafted both interior and exterior architectural elements, incorporating lightweight stone concepts to full cast features. 

Our Architectural elements have ranged from bespoke ornate entrance decorations to exterior house numbers. 

Technology meets art

Crafted, architectural designs can be achieved through the use of either modern technology or classic artistic molding methods.

Our designers leverage CNC Design Manufacturing Technologies to produce the majority of our architectural designs. Those designs that are too intricate or elegant for machine manufacturing can be crafted through hand made molds. 

Custom Hoods

The finishing touch

No custom kitchen is complete without a complimentary custom range hood. A custom range hood puts the finishing touch on any unique kitchen design. 

Your kitchen can be the centerpiece of your family, the place where you spend the most time with those you love. Or it can be that space where you entertain guests and clients. It is the heartbeat of your home.

Complimentary Character

Our custom hood elements can be designed to complement the overall look of your kitchen. We can work with your existing design to develop profiles and features that not only match but complement the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Contrasting Qualities

If you are looking to create a feature within your kitchen, your fan hood is the perfect place to start. We can create contrasting textures, profiles, and finishes ranging from Antique textures to liquid metal, which will accentuate the vibe of your kitchen space.


Wood effect stone durability

Exposed wooden beams bring an air of traditional authenticity and character to any home. Timberstone enables wood feature aesthetics to your design in a cost-effective manner. 

Versatility is key

Ceiling beams, rafters, knee braces, window or door headers, rafter tails and roof corbels are all made out of Timber Stone. Anywhere an architectural wood detail is desired, inside or out, Timber Stone is the lightweight solution.

Lighten up

Timber Stone is made by coating foam beams with a high strength Tuscan Stoneworx Limestone coating that is stamped and stained. This high strength coating makes Timber Stone products strong, durable, fire-resistant, and lightweight.


As a certified Tuscan Stoneworx cast shop Tuscan Stoneworx Canada utilizes Tuscan Cast Stone Mix and casting systems exclusively, and is backed by Tuscan’s protocols, industry-leading testing, and architectural specifications.

Limestone is one of mankind’s oldest building materials. Because Tuscans Stoneworx products are made using real limestone, our pieces look, feel, and age like natural stone. A handcrafted finishing process for every piece creates a highly authentic appearance normally only found with natural carved limestone

The strength of Tuscan Cast Stone Mix allows it to be cast a 1/2″ thick with a foam core, depending on the size of the part that can result in pieces that are up to 70% lighter than traditional cast stone or pre-cast concrete. The lighter weight translates into money savings through lighter building design, shipping and handling, and installation.

Tuscan Stoneworx architectural elements are built to look great for decades, by combining innovative materials with time-tested manufacturing procedures.

With our advanced materials and strict quality control program, we can confidently create the same profiles, colors, and finishes time and again.

With 28 standard colors to choose from and unlimited custom color options, as well as four handcrafted finishes, Tuscan Stoneworx can create a design for every application.

Because our Tuscan Stoneworx products are so much stronger, lighter, and more versatile than traditional cast stone or pre-cast concrete, it’s much easier to work with and install. Massive weight savings allow our parts to be adhesively adhered instead of mechanically fastened. This allows jobs to be installed faster, with less equipment and reduced penetrations in the substrate.

All Tuscan Stoneworx Products are subject to the same material warranty provided by Tuscan Stoneworx US. Installation warranties are typically 1 year, however they can be extended depending the nature of the project. 

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