Lightweight Masonry Products

Lightweight Masonry Products

lightweight masonry products

Masonry is one of the oldest construction materials in the world.

Masonry is one of the most durable and beautiful construction material products in the world. It forms an integral part of the design, engineering, and architecture of historic buildings worldwide.

All Tuscan Stoneworx Masonry products are cast and manufactured utilizing crushed limestone as a part of the mix design. One of the key benefits of working with masonry products is its durability.

Durability in traditional construction materials comes at a price, and that price is weight. Traditional masonry products are solid or full-cast, and they are heavy. Resulting in additional engineering, mechanical fixings, and reinforcement being incorporated into the design, which comes at a cost.

Ultimately if a masonry product is incorporated in a design for aesthetic purposes, there is no need for it to be full-cast. The ‘wear’ depth on the material’s surface will never be more than several millimeters over its lifetime.

This realization, combined with CNC Machine Technology and EPS products’ advancements, resulted in Tuscan Stoneworx Lightweight Masonry Products evolution.

Limestone cast mix poured in conjunction with EPS foam forms the perfect blend of lightweight strength and durability. With a minimum of half an inch of cast limestone material, supported by EPS foam results in a product that can be up to 70% lighter than its full cast counterparts.

This significant weight reduction reduces the product’s overall sale price, engineering costs, installation, and transportation costs of the product.

Lightweight Limestone By Tuscan Stoneworx Edmonton Alberta
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Masonry lightweight products by Tuscan Stoneworx
Tuscan Stoneworx Residential Lightweight Stone Products and Designs Edmonton

The final cherry on top comes from CNC technology, which can machine EPS into an unlimited amount of shapes and profiles—giving lightweight masonry products a massive advantage over traditional full cast alternatives.

For more information regarding Tuscan Stoneworx Lightweight Masonry Products, specifications, and details, check out our Product Specifications Page. Alternatively, if you are interested in seeing more about our Commercial offerings, take a look at our Commercial Page. Similarly, our Residential offerings are located on our Residential page. The links below are downloadable brochures of both our shape/profile catalog and our product overview of our Tuscan Stoneworx products:

Tuscan Stoneworx Profile Catalog
Tuscan Stoneworx Overview

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Lightweight Limstone by Tuscan Stoneworx Edmonton Alberta

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