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Lightweight Masonry Products by Tuscan Stoneworx Edmonton Alberta CA

lightweight masonry products Masonry is one of the oldest construction materials in the world. Masonry is one of the most durable and beautiful construction material products in the world. It forms an integral part of the design, engineering, and architecture of historic buildings worldwide. All Tuscan Stoneworx Masonry products are cast and manufactured utilizing crushed limestone as a part of the mix design. One of the key benefits of working with masonry products is its durability. Durability in traditional construction materials comes at a price, and that price is weight. Traditional masonry products are solid or full-cast, and they are heavy. Resulting in additional engineering, mechanical fixings, and reinforcement being incorporated into the design, which comes at a cost. Ultimately if a masonry product is incorporated in a design for aesthetic purposes, there is no need for it to be full-cast. The ‘wear’ depth on the material’s surface will never…

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Authentic stone veneer products authenticity is hard to find in life, and especially in construction materials. Stone can provide a stunning and highly resilient finish to any project.   Stone products are ideal for commercial and residential projects of every size and design.    The challenge when incorporating stone products into a design is that natural stone is heavy, and at first glance, can be considered expensive.   Creating an authentic, durable stone finish that is lightweight and cost-effective has always been a challenge for architects, engineers, and designers. Not anymore.   Our Tuscan Stoneworx CNC Manufacturing Technology enables our design team to create authentic stone veneer products that are lightweight, durable, and cost-effective.   Our product’s authenticity is visible in the textural design options, including honed, sandstone, travertine, and antique. Giving our designers a texture for every concept, and with 28 color options, a look to compliment every concept!…

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Lightweight Limestone by Tuscan Stoneworx Edmonton Alberta CA

Lightweight Limestone  Limestone is one of the oldest construction materials in the world. You can see this highly durable and beautiful product forming part of the construction of historic buildings around the world. However, the other attribute that goes hand in hand with limestones durability and beauty is its weight. Full cast limestone is an extremely heavy material. For centuries, the product formed part of the building’s structural elements; hence, it was acceptable. Times Change In modern times, limestone is utilized for more aesthetic and architectural purposes, not structural. This results in additional engineering, mechanical fixings, and reinforcement being incorporated into the design, which comes at a cost.   There is no need for an aesthetic product to be fully cast in deep sections, as the wear depth on the surface of the material is never more than several millimeters over its lifetime. This realization, combined with  the birth of CNC…

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Lightweight Stone Façade Details by Tuscan Stoneworx Edmonton

Lightweight Stone Façade Details Reducing the overall weight of a structure while maintaining its durability, sustainability, and aesthetics is a challenge. A challenge that Tuscan Stoneworx took on and conquered with its lightweight stone façade details! The combination of the highly experienced Tuscan Stoneworx Canada European management team, combined with the support from the Tuscan US team and its in-house Canadian Design team, means there is enough creative horsepower and experience to create solutions for any commercial or residential project.   Examples of typical engineered designs and details of the majority of our limestone cast stone façade products are shown below. However, note that we regularly work with clients, designers, architects, and engineers to develop custom profiles and solutions: Light core is the new hardcore A typical design consists of a half-inch of cast material exterior, with an EPS core. The half-inch cast exterior is sufficient to provide a highly durable exterior…

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